Glue Packages

Main glue packages

There are two main glue packages - glue-core, which defines the core infrastructure for glue as well as provides the Qt-based desktop application, and glue-jupyter, which provides a Jupyter-based glue application.

Glue plugins

Glue is designed to make it easy to customize various aspects via plugins, including customized data viewers on top of the standard ones, readers/writers for new file formats, and more. Developers are building glue plugins for a variety of fields from astronomy to medicine. The items below are currently available on the GitHub organization and most include instructions and sample data on how to install and use:

For further information on writing, installing, and using glue plugins, please see our Building Custom Data Viewers or the glueviz repository on GitHub.

Packages/projects using glue

Glue is used by a number of packages and projects, including for example jdaviz which provides applications for visualizing data from the James Webb Space Telescope.